Discovering Seafood

Bon appetite – The pleasure is on the plate.


A long day of activities and leisure is not complete without meeting around some funny stories, a table well stocked with the riches of the sea and a good wine to accompany them.


Passionate about gastronomy, or simple seafood lovers, treat yourself to small gourmet pleasures and taste lobster, crab, mussels, oysters and shrimps with family or friends. These little gourmet memories will make your stay memorable.

Restaurant suggestions

La Crêpe Bretonne 

1085 du Parc Street, Paquetville (N.-B.)

Specialty - Pancakes and seafood

Tel.: (506) 764-5344


La Terrasse à Steve

9650 Route 113, Miscou wharf, Miscou (N.-B.)

Specialty - Seafood

Tel.: (506) 344-7000


La Maison de la Fondue  

3613 Luce Street, Tracadie-Sheila (N.-B.)

Specialty - Evening meals and catering

Tel.: (506) 393-1100



Captain Franks 

3377 Victor LeBlanc Blvd, Tracadie-Sheila (N.-B.)

Specialty - Seafood

Tel.: (506) 395-7001


Le Caraquette 

89 Saint-Pierre E. Blvd, Caraquet (N.-B.)

Specialty – Seafood omelette 

Tel.: (506) 727-6009


Origines, cuisine maritime

49-A Saint-Pierre W. Blvd, Caraquet (N.-B.)

With reservation - Gastronomic experience

Tel.: (506) 727-2717


Au P’tit Mousse 

5182, route 113, Haut-Lamèque (N.-B.)

Specialty - Seafood Pizza

Tel.: (506) 344-8005 / (506) 344-7852 (bureau)


Mitchan Sushi 

114 Saint-Pierre W. Blvd, Caraquet (N.-B.)

Specialty – Teriyaki chicken

Tel.: (506) 726-1103


Resto-Bar Le Crapet 

41, avenue du Carrefour, Caraquet (N.-B.)

Specialty - Seafood

Tel.: (506) 727-5051


Restaurant de la Poissonnerie du Creek 

11314 NB-11, Pokemouche, (N.-B.) E8P 1J8

Specialty - Seafood

Tel.: (506) 727-3387


Restaurant du Creek – Caraquet (anciennement Pro-Mer) 

9, rue du Quai Street Caraquet (N.-B.)

Specialty - Seafood

Tel.: (506) 727-7931


Resto à Juliette 

Place St-Pierre
445, boul. St-Pierre Ouest Caraquet (N.-B.)

Specialty - Traditional meals

Tel.: (506) 727-4664